Monday, 23 September 2013
7:29 pm

Life is nv easy....  For the past few yrs i always choose to be a timid gal that dare not speak up for myself... I always regret for not doing yhings that i wan to do. 
But i have decided there is a need to change. 

I will jus comment, ask question and fight for things that i think is right. If not i will continue to be vri disappointed with wat is happening around me... 

I seriously hate manager... Leaders are the ppl that dare to lead and fight for their ppl right. Not only that.. They will be the people that will notice the different and make a change if thee a need... 

Haiz... Charge up wenya and live with no regret..

Saturday, 14 September 2013
5:07 pm

I started to wonder as time goes by, is there really a reason for me to stay in watever i'm in now.... Neither am i learning new things nor am i in my comfort zone..... My energy level has been constantly drained to nth after work and feel demoralised post work. All this make me wonder wat the meaning of me working in this organisation, this profession again. 

I have to admit i still luv my patients... They are the one and only source that gave me the little comfort when i was working. Without them i guess i will not be in this profession all time ago.. But as i work longer i realise that little comfort cannot support my emotion and my low morale toward my organisation. I hate my shift work despite high allowance. This shows that in the real world there no win win situation. Haiz.... Life still goes on although ironically i have witnesses a lot of death that happen in split second. 
Monday, 12 August 2013
12:14 pm

By wikipedia a mid life crisis are define by:
A midlife crisis is experienced by many people during the midlife transition when they realize that life may be more than halfway over. Sometimes, a crisis can be triggered by transitions experienced in these years, such asandropause or menopause, the death of parents or other causes of grief, unemployment or underemployment, realizing that a job or career is hated but not knowing how else to earn an equivalent living, orchildren leaving home.

I think i'm going through an early mid life crisis that i hated my career and wanted a change. 

I regret on how i didn't take in my mother and gabby advise. To change my career when i complete my diploma bond. Not to take on adv dip bond with my current hospital... And now i have endure another 1 yr b4 i can have advance to other better career that can give me the same earning and better welfare. 

Life goes on... I seriously cannot go through anymore shift work in years to come and facing the death of my so many patient. 

Hope that someone can give me some strength that allows me to pull through this yr. 
Wednesday, 6 March 2013
2:10 am

today is 6 of Mar.. this day mark our 4th anniversary together. From the start till now is nv easy for us, but i'm still glad that we manage to compromise each other and stay together. Maybe that what we call a win-win situation??.. lol..

looking forward to having dinner with him , he have been complaining that for the past 3 years, we didn't really have a good celebration. Hence i promised him that i wil go request off to ensure i will have time for him that day.

I still remember 4 year ago, he asked me to be his gf in bishan park.. i seriously love the mother nature, despite the mosqitoe and sandy feeling. hehe.. time really pass vri fast.

Although Alvin may not be good at certain things, he is still the most caring person who love me as much as parents. which is very important.. hehe...

really happy that he had walk into my life and showered so much love on me.. it a blessing.
Tuesday, 5 February 2013
11:58 am

On my way to work... Will be working 3
Pm shift straight.. It a blessing to me because i will be able to get enough rest for the coming 2 days.

Suddenly remember this term"开心就好" while i was walking to the train station.

2 days ago, Alvin was sending me home as he knows that i'm having a pm to am shift. I know it very nice of him to make the effort to send despite his tiredness from his schooling and spring cleaning.

We started to chit chat.
A: still remember the first necklace i brought for u?
Me: the one you bought from Genting right?
A: ya.. Still remember u were angry that i bought this for u.
Me: of course la.. I don't wear accessory de ma.
A: but is the word.. "开心就好"that i wan to give you.
Me: ok...
A: anyway u should wear a little accessories, if not u look very auntie.
Me: ok

Started thinking how can this 4 characters make my life a better one..
In the near future, after i married.. Can this 4 characters still be applicable to my newly build family, or do i have to worry about all the 裁米油盐. Hopefully will be the first option that will happen.

Monday, 4 February 2013
10:55 pm

Feeling so bad for not fulfilling what i have posted the last time.

I just realised that due to my work commitment it is very difficult for my make a post a day. For example like days when i do a pm shift follow by an am shift.. I don't even have enough time to rest. Hence i shall change my promise a little. Instead of blogging everyday, i will blog once i'm free or something really interesting happen.

Met this super cool patient... He is very cheerful despite having heart attack. He is the first patient that i brought to the toilet in b26. Hope he makes a speedy recovery.
Friday, 1 February 2013
12:21 pm

I have decided to make a blog entry per day. The topic can be anything and everything that i have interest in.

To start of the first post, i'm going to write about my feeling on first day of work after "resting" for 4 days.

First of all... I had completed both my practical test and the last essay of this semester during this 4 days. I would say that it actually quite a stressful period for me. On the other hand, i was able to completely rest and recharge myself during that 4 days. Which is quite a blessing for me.

Despite not knowing who will i be working with, or who are the current medical team and lots of work awaiting for me, i'm all ready to work today. So i have to put in my 101% to start my engine.

I have to officially announce that i'm currently having 1 month of school holiday. So i am planning to do some reading on current practice and also to start picking up my reading hobby and exercise momentum. Jia you.

I will try to produce my own vogue. As explained by LL, is to visualise the goal or target you want for the year by having all the related picture on a board.

That all for today..
About mi!!

Name: Wenya

Bdae: 6 of Sep

Status: Alvin's baby

Sch: HKSS, Health Science Nursing in NP, Advance dip (Critical care) in NYP

Loves: Chocolate, Family, Frenz (jie mei, lakota and a lot more), Alvin.

Hates: Have to learn to love everythin in life

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